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Looking for Capitol One Miles

A friend wants to make a plane trip using miles from her Capitol One credit card. She doesn't have quite enough miles for the trip. Unfortunately, unlike airline-specific miles, Capitol One doesn't let you buy extra miles, or pay with a combination of miles and cash. However, they do allow you to transfer miles from one person to another. So if anyone has a Capitol One card and would be interested in selling some miles, I have a buyer for you.

You'd think that someone would have set up a web site where people who want to buy miles can find people who want to sell miles, but I haven't been able to find one; I can find "we want to buy your miles!" sites, but no "you can buy miles here" site.
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A revealing metaphor.

So there's some speed at which you can run for a long time. You can run faster than that for a short period, but you can't keep it up; it's not sustainable. Running faster than that is called a "sprint". Sprinting doesn't refer to a particular way of running, or a particular speed; what it means is exactly keeping a pace that is not sustainable for the long term.

So suppose a marathon coach and said

"The secret of running a marathon fast is realizing that sprinting is faster than running. So for the first 100 yards of the marathon, you should sprint. Then for the next 100 yards, you should sprint again. And then another sprint, and another, until you've run the whole marathon fast".

I would conclude they have no idea what they are talking about, and I would discount not only their advice on sprinting, but all their advice on how to go about running a marathon.
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Lost all my contacts

So it turns out that when I told my Android "Sync contacts with my google account", this meant "sync existing google contacts on to my phone", but not "Sync contacts I enter onto my phone with my google account". So when my phone crashed, and managed to delete the contacts, I have lost all of them. If you'd like me to have your phone number, assume I don't, and email me, or post it here (comments screened)
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Date grab: summer party Saturday, August 25.

On Saturday, August 25, we will be having our annual* summer party. Swimming! Games! Barbecuing! But most important, just hanging around sand socializing with good friends (that's you!)

Invite to follow in email at some point; but I wanted to get the date on people's calendar.

*Well in theory annucal; somehow we didn't manage it the past two years. This time for sure!
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Cross-training works.

I used to do DDR 4-6 times a week. I've only played 2 or 3 times in the past year, and that was not on my home machine, so I couldn't track my progress. I played a bunch today, and despite being out of practice, set new records on 4 songs.

I don't think it's being in generally better physical shape, because I get winded just as fast or faster than I used to. My best guess is that ballroom dancing has improved my sense of balance, and that makes my accuracy in time better.

Anyway, it's nice to have a video game where being addicted to it is actually good for me!
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Any Thursday Next fans want a book?

I went to the last-day-everything-90%-off sale at Borders, and got an extra hardback copy of Thursday Next; First Among Sequels for next to nothing. Anyone want one?

If you've never read the Thursday Next series, I highly recommend them, but you should start at the beginning, with The Eyre Affair
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Self-identifying spam.

I got a typical piece of spam today, telling me to buy some penny stock. The two unusual things about this spam are that it got past the gmail spam filters, and that the subject line, rather than being something like "Stock XYZ is going to go up this week!" was something like "SPAM Stock XYZ is going to go up this week!".

My theory is that gmail wants to let discussions of spam get through, while spam doesn't, and has figured out that the discussions of spam contain the word "Spam" much more often than the spam does. Worked well until now, but now the spammers have figured it out.