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Amateur Night! 
4th-Aug-2004 05:19 pm
slanty, martha
Amateur night at Tech Squares was great fun. Lots of people called interesting and fun stuff. I had a good time dancing, and a great time calling. It felt to me like the best calling I've ever done.

Things I was happy about in my calling:

I had no nervousness or stage fright whatsover, even when things went wrong.

When I made a mistake and called something that couldn't be done, or wasn't on the level, I was able to recover and keep calling, rather than getting flustered.

I used a reasonably wide variety of calls, rather than getting stuck and forgetting to use most of the list.

All of my resolves actually worked, including the times that both my sight squares had broken down and I had to ask for partners and corners in the third square. I was especially proud of resolving off of a sight square where antihip and randomenvy had traded with each other, though it did slow me down a bit.

Lack of long "what should I call now? pauses.

The singer went smoothly, and when I couldn't remember how verse two started, I just sang verse one again, and no-one knew anything had gone wrong (until they read this post, that is).

Things I was unhappy about:

Calling about 800 swing thrus while trying to resolve. I need to get more calls into my "resolve vocabulary".

Not resolving often enough, because resolving is still stressful.

Calling one off-list call, and many illegal things. But my current outlook is that this doesn't bother me that much, because I think that as long as it doen't happen too often, and you recover well, it doesn't stop people from having a good time.

I'm really enjoying the calling, and want to learn to call better. Any constructive criticisms, or suggestions on what I most need to work on to make my calling more fun to dance to, would be most welcome, either in replies to this comment, or by email.
4th-Aug-2004 04:19 pm (UTC)
I'm admittedly quite glad that I turned around at the right moment when you were trying to resolve that square -- you looked consternated, and I think both randomenvy and I figured out what your problem was fairly quickly. :-)

I think I've given you lots of feedback in person already, but I'll keep watching at C3A (and at the C2 class you're going to run next, right? hahahahaha...) and see if I have further comments. Your C3A sight-calling has certainly improved over the past couple of months.

Anyway, enjoyed your tips yesterday. :-) Nice singer, although for some reason when you sang "fever" I kept hearing "viva ..." and wanted to finish with "Las Vegas" ... every time.
9th-Aug-2004 09:03 am (UTC)
Hmmm... I had the same reaction to "Fever". I think I may have even sang the "Las Vegas" part sotto voce a couple of times (I toyed with the idea of belting it out, but figured I didn't want to risk throwing luckylefty off).

luckylefty, your calling was great. Sorry about the swap. We didn't think that both other squares would break down.
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