luckylefty (luckylefty) wrote,

I still don't get Facebook.

So maybe I'm naive, but I had thought that when I clicked on "recent posts" on facebook I got, well, the recent posts of my friends. Apparently that's not true; I get those recent posts of friends that some mysterious facebook algorithm thinks are the ones I would like.

On LJ, if a friend posts something, I see it. And I have fine-grained control of who gets to see which of my posts. And I don't have the constant "we've changed the privacy policy, so things you thought were private are now public unless you go through a complex procedure to make them private again".

What's the advantage of facebook again? I use it occasionally, only for the reasons "it's where some of my friends post" and "it's where some of my friends will read my posts" (that is, if facebook deems my posts worthy of being shown to them. That is, I only use facebook because other people prefer it to LJ. But there must be some people who actually prefer facebook, and I can't figure out why.
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