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Getting reconnected to the world 
27th-Dec-2004 09:12 pm
slanty, martha
So when AOL accidentally purged a bunch of accounts, and then reinstated them, they never managed to reinstate mine. So I now have a new AOL accout. My new AIM name is the old one (my full nickname-and-lastname, 9 characters) with 2005 added to the end.

But my friends list from my old suspended account is gone, and I didn't save my friends' screen names anywhere.

Also I lost my phone, and got a new one. But there were lots of phone numbers, especially cell phone numbers, that I had never gotten around to recording anywhere but in my cell phone.

So if you're reading this, there's a good chance that I've lost either your AIM name or your phone number, or both. Or if I never had your screenname or cell phone number, but you're reading this, I'd probably like to have it anyway.

So please email me your contact info. My email address is 4.5@pobox.com, where you should replace 4 and 5 by my first and last name (leaving the dot between them intact).
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